shorter wheel base,
longer rides

Published JULY 2008

INFINEUM Essex operator Powacycle have launched a new brand concept range of high-end electric bikes. The Infineum range has the battery pack located on a rear rack that allows the bicycle to have a standard wheelbase. More typical are machines where the batteries are located behind the rear seat post, which suggest Infinium models should feel more lively when ridden.

This concept in power-assisted cycling sees a unique patented stackable battery system that multiplies the travel distance as extra batteries are stacked on the purpose designed rack. The options for accommodating extra batteries on the same rack means more a longer route between recharge sessions can be covered.

Batteries for the Infineum are stackable and lightweight at around 1.8kg, reckoned to deliver 35 miles of pedelec riding, the batteries simply sliding into place and can be locked securely. The Infineum is designed to be easy to maintain. All the electronics have been built in a modular style to make servicing of the bike both simple and quick to complete. It is almost a plug & play system on the drive motor for when servicing the machine, or for storage when front wheel removal is necessary. The makers say that the lightweight motors also bring greater than 80% efficiency, significantly better than the battery sets available in the past.